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Did you know that, on average, 15 percent of a home’s electricity bill is due to hot water? Solar water heaters provide for a more cost efficient option.  Specifically in Phoenix, solar water heaters are given plenty of fuel. Sunshine is abundant in Phoenix and will help to cut down on your home’s energy bill, especially as temperatures continue to drop further into winter.


How do Phoenix Solar Water Heaters Work?

At a basic level, Phoenix solar water heating systems all include storage tanks and solar collectors.  The solar plates collect sunlight and transform it into energy to heat the home’s water.  Tanks hold the water before and after it has been heated. The number of tanks a system uses depends whether the system is active or passive.  Active systems have two tanks.  The solar water heater preheats the water before it enters the conventional water heater.  In passive systems there is one tank and the heated water is combined with the solar storage.


Types of Solar Collectors for Phoenix Solar Water Heaters

· Flat-plate Collector

Glazed flat-plate collectors have several layers.  The outside layer is an insulated and weatherproofed box that serves to protect the inner layers that absorb the sun and transform it into energy. Underneath the outer plate are the inner layers, which are dark absorber plates. 

· Integral Collector-Storage Systems

Integral collector-storage systems are also known as ICS or batch systems.  This type should be used primarily only in mild-freeze climates because the outdoor pipes can potentially freeze in severe, cold weather. Batch systems feature black tanks or tubes that are insulated inside of a glazed box.  Water will first pass through the solar collector and is preheated by the solar energy.  From there the water travels to the conventional backup heater.  This provides a reliable source of hot water for homes. This is the most common type of Phoenix solar water heater.

· Evacuated-Tube Solar Collectors

Evacuated-tube solar collectors are composed of several parallel rows of transparent glass tubes.  Each tube contains a glass outer tube and a metal absorber tuber attached to a fin.  There is a coating on the fin, which absorbs solar energy but prevents heat loss.

For questions about Phoenix solar water heaters, contact an EcoWater representative today! 

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Phoenix Solar Water Heaters

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Phoenix Solar Water Heaters

This article was published on 2011/11/24