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Solar energy happens to be the most abundant and free source of energy available. If used effectively we can save a lot of money on electricity.below posting is a review on the solar charger. You will have information about how it works,benefits and some others.

solar-battery chargers uses the energy of the sun to put life back in your batteries makes it the most safest and cleanest type of batteries that you can use. Sun light is inexhaustible and hence your solar charger will continue to serve your purpose endlessly unless there is a defect in the mechanism.This winter with the sun at a relatively low angle to the horizon, I oriented the panels to maximize solar exposure by placing the open binder on a board resting on a pair of sneakers. You can place it flat on the ground or on your patio deck in the summer when the sun is higher.As soon as sun hits the modules, they start generating electricity and the charging light on the cell phone glows green. There are no moving parts, no noise, and no mechanisms to wear out.

The best benefit of using a solar powered battery charger is the fact that you will never have to use outlet electricity to charge your devices again.  in fact it is easily transportable so that you can move it to whatever location will provide the best sun exposure. With a solar battery charger and rechargeable batteries, you need never worry about running out of power for your electronic device again. Fortunately, many battery manufacturers have been ahead of the environmental curve in addressing this issue, and are now marketing rechargeable batteries to replace disposable ones. And they have gone one environmental step further by creating the solar battery charger.Using a solar charger or any solar powered device is also very helpful to the environment.

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Solar Charger Review

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This article was published on 2010/11/03