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Solar eclipse is a natural phenomenon, as it takes place when moon comes between sun and earth in a straight line. During the eclipse the moon passes over the surface of the earth. As we are at earth and we will be able to see that moon is going to block the light of sun as it totally covers the sun. This can only take place during a new moon, when sun and moon is in conjunction, as seen from earth. This is how solar eclipse takes place.

How does it occur?

It’s a coincidence that the sun's diameter is 400 times larger than that of the moon, and at the same time, it is 400 times as far away. If we look through a filter at the sun, it looks exactly like the moon on a full moon night. When the moon passes in front of the sun, the shadow falls on the earth and it appears to exactly cover the sun's disc. This is what a solar eclipse is a shadow.

Types of solar eclipse

There are three types of eclipses that occur and these are total solar eclipse, partial solar eclipse and annual solar eclipse. Total Solar Eclipses occur when the umbra of the Moon's shadow touches a region on the surface of the Earth. Partial Solar Eclipses occur when the penumbra of the Moon's shadow passes over a region on the Earth's surface. Annular Solar Eclipses occur when a region on the Earth's surface is in line with the umbra, but the distances are such that the tip of the umbra does not reach the Earth's surface.

Is this wrong to watch solar eclipse?

Many people think that to watch a solar eclipse will prove an invitation for misfortunes. Even, solar eclipses have been blamed for war, famine and the deaths of kings but today conditions and results are totally changed. Generally, 2-4 solar eclipses occur every year and also the location of occurrence of solar eclipse is also not specific. In essence, an eclipse is no more evil than the shadow of a tree, or a tall building. The moon just blocks off the light of the sun for a brief, beautiful moment.

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Solar Eclipse

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This article was published on 2010/01/28
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