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What can be more rewarding than to have the garden and pathways light up automatically without having to remember to switch on and switch off lights and pay bills?


The convenience of solar garden lights stems from the fact that they do not require any special wiring. A lamp can be fixed anywhere either by planting a stake in the ground or by simply screwing the fixture in place on any structure, provided its location will allow it to absorb the sun's energy during the day.


Solar garden lights are a self generating power source that charges up by absorbing the sun's energy and discharging the stored energy to give out a soft glowing light at night.

In the early days these solar lamps were not very efficient. The photovoltaic cells weren't strong enough to reliably hold a charge for more that a few hours. However, with LED technology emerging together with the more efficient NiMH power packs replacing the older NiCAD, modern solar garden lights provide both a stronger light and a longer discharge time than they did in the past.

The components that make up a solar garden light are very simple: inside the plastic casing you will find a small controller board, wired to a LED light source, a photo resistor that is required to detect darkness, a single AA NiCAD battery and a solar cell that goes on top.

Environmentally Friendly

With the growing demand for renewable energy, technological advancements have greatly contributed to improved solar garden lights. All sorts of solar garden lights are appearing in the market for numerous positions and uses.

Solar powered lighting does not harm the environment as it does not give out any harmful radiation or other side effects that other energy sources discharge into the environment.


There is no need to be concerned with power bills, power surges and other voltage issues. They are perfectly safe around little children and pets and there is no fear of being electrocuted.

Solar powered garden lights have no need for transformers, special wiring or cabling. A lamp can be placed at the remotest corner of the landscape to light up a special feature, a pathway or to focus on a security need. Much can be achieved with solar lights in the garden, and they can only increase your enjoyment of your garden.


The growing demand for this source of lighting has spawned the lighting industry to produce more decorative solar garden lighting that are both aesthetically and practically pleasing.

The only drawback is the cost. However, the initial outlay is eventually offset by smaller energy bills.

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Solar Garden Lighting

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This article was published on 2010/03/30