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SINGAPORE Bloomberg, last year, Premier Wen Jiabao at the Copenhagen climate change conference announcing to the world: "China is a new energy and renewable energy, the fastest growing countries. Hydropower installed capacity of nuclear power construction scale, solar energy water heaters and photovoltaic power generation capacity of solar collector area tops first in the world. "Data show that last year the use of solar thermal industry output reached 57.85 billion yuan, up 34.7% compared to 2008. Can be said that in 2009 China's solar thermal industry is full of changes and upgrades across the year.

Indeed, contributions and achievements that China's new energy and renewable energy industry in the development process. As the "solar Monthly," a statement said General Manager Chen: Premier Wen spoke highly of this industry means that solar energy industry has a new energy into national development strategies, development of solar energy industry ushered in the spring. Meanwhile, the development of this industry also put forward higher requirements.

No doubt that solar energy is a low-carbon industries, green, green is the industry's labels, but won the consultant noted that the process of development of this industry there have been some "no carbon" and "not green" behavior, This is the industry's healthy development challenges. So how should we do?

United, not in bars Counted according to the economic scale, solar energy is still just a small industry, but from the meaning of get on with it if it was a large industry. 8,000 solar water heater companies, many of which are SMEs, and you sell, I sell, it is easy to form a vicious competition.

However, the solar energy industry is a new industry, need to cultivate the market. If the energy of a brand can burn the pot market, 30 to 40 degrees, then add up to a few companies able to market the pot boil. Solar energy business is not a peer competitor, but those coal-fired electricity industry, we should Baotuan unanimously, to publicize the benefits of solar energy.

As brand leading authority Ai Feng said: "You were just born, not very mature, and you also old Woli Dou, do? So, each person doing this, the first goal is not to their peers for the enemy, opponent, but we form a whole, the energy consumption to lag behind the offensive is to seize the market from them. "

Equal to internal friction within the bar, wasted a lot of resources, as a low-carbon industry should not.

Product innovation, customer focus Serious homogeneity solar water heater industry, the product from raw materials, production processes, packaging and selling network, has much the same. Innovation seems to be difficult, but as long as the attention of consumers, concerned about energy conservation, there are always innovative ways.

Example, the sun rain quickly discovered the strong endothermic traditional solar water heater, heat protection technology with poor blind spot, the proposed "security hot wall" of the product claims. Product homogeneity in severe cases, there is Paul Wall's solar water heaters heat quickly gained consumer and market recognition. Sun Rain dealers nearly doubled, with sales growth is presented several times. This is the concern for consumers in exchange for the market return.

We must pay attention, do not think that it costs energy water heater, can heat more slowly! Insulation almost! Consumers are concerned about consumer experience. Their use of a person, not into the cold water washing on, this who can bear it. Why can not we allow more low-carbon products more and more concerned about the needs of customers.

Professional division of labor, strong market Significant reductions in national planning

purchase price, the solar system prices continued to fall in order to maintain the basic pay rate, the territory will continue towards solar manufacturing low cost regions. Continuation of this trend will continue to extend to 2010.
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Solar Industry Sales Of Four Low-carbon Direction To Go - Solar Energy, Low Carbon - The Chemical

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