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Solar outdoor lighting works the same way as solar panels for generating household electricity. Solar lighting is wireless, dimmable, and resilient outdoor lighting, and it's easy to use.

Solar outdoor lighting comes in many forms. There are solar outdoor hanging lights, colored bulbs, hand blown lights, solar security lights, solar floodlights, or solar stake lights. All are completely wireless and generate their energy from the sun.

Most solar outdoor lighting is easy to install. In fact, with solar stake lights, it takes a mere 15 seconds, the time it takes to find a shady spot and insert the stake into the ground. The lights generate enough power throughout the day in the sun to light up all night long. The outdoor landscape is easily illuminated, and the lighting techniques can be easily changed. With a change of décor or scenery, it is easy to remove the wireless solar outdoor lighting, replace it later, or change it permanently.

Solar outdoor lighting is not limited to hanging lights. It is also possible to illuminate fish ponds or walkways with color changing solar lights, color solar bulbs, floating solar pond lights, and solar stepping stones. It is even possible to merely cast shadows on an area that you want to focus attention upon.

The best part about solar outdoor lighting is that the investment stops with the purchase of the light. After this point it is up to the sun to generate the energy. The utility bills won't increase, and you won't have to replace bulbs. The lights do have to be cleaned occasionally to remove dirt or smog, and leaves and grass will need to be pruned around them. Without the sunlight, they are unable to generate and store energy.

Solar outdoor lighting allows for inexpensive, safe lighting around your home. The lights are capable of storing enough energy to last an entire night, if not more, depending on the solar collector that it works with. With solar outdoor lighting it is possible to have floodlights on the house and security lights as well. This is an easy, inexpensive way of protecting your home.

It is very important that there is adequate sun in the area that the solar lightings are placed. Direct sunlight is a necessity, and while it is understandable that continuous sun will probably be unavailable, as much sunlight as possible will help. The solar outdoor lighting works by collecting solar energy and storing it in batteries. Because of this it is important to prune grasses, bushes, leaves and branches, so the solar outdoor lighting will have the optimum opportunity to work for you, create beautiful lighting, and work as a long-term lighting investment.

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Solar Outdoor Lighting

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This article was published on 2010/09/22