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According to the Ministry of Finance website news, the Ministry of Finance responsible policy on the home appliances to the countryside Quan said that since February 1 this year, home appliances to the countryside policies in the country since the implementation of the whole, initial results. 2 May nationwide average monthly household appliances to the countryside product sales up 36%; sales from 1.3 billion to 40 billion, the average monthly growth of 45%.

However appliances to the countryside as a successful business and successful product engineering the largest number of solar industry, but frequently Zaodaolengyu in the rural market. Appliances to the countryside is not an immediate subsidy policy not only inspired farmers line up for solar water heaters, but also much of the countryside the farmers are not interested in solar water heaters.

Greater than expected results

And traditional electricity, gas, water heater, solar water heater with its energy saving, energy saving advantages should be more easily accepted by the rural consumers, but also in the countryside to buy products, they can enjoy a 13% state financial subsidies. Therefore, many solar water heater manufacturers introduced home appliances to the countryside in the national project at the outset of their high hopes. However, with home appliances to the countryside to promote the project, the majority of solar energy manufacturers surprised to find that home appliances to the countryside policy is not to make their product is hot, do not let your brand in the near future access to rural consumer recognition.

Large manufacturers of solar energy to rural areas project devoted much effort to be incorporated into the appliances to the countryside for solar energy, solar manufacturers put a lot of manpower and material resources. However, over the past two months, the full swing of solar energy to rural areas has frequently in the rural market Zaodaolengyu. Solar energy in rural areas into the calm in the hustle and bustle of some rural areas of solar energy companies was disappointed and started a cool look and review process of its own in the pros and cons of home appliances to the countryside. At this point they realized the level of income subject to rural consumers, and farmers living habits, infinite potential for the development of rural markets not happen overnight it done.

Corporate dilemma

According to the National Ministry of Commerce announced the sale of various products home appliances to the countryside Statistics (1 June 2009), refrigerator, color TV, washing machine sales ratio was 68.50 percent, 13.72%, 10.13%, as the three major home appliances to the countryside main sales categories. The air-conditioning, computers, mobile phones, water heaters and other appliances to rural areas is very low proportion of product sales.

According to another survey, only 15% of rural residents said that their policy is more about home appliances to the countryside; over 56% of rural residents said they know very little on the appliances to the countryside policies. With most parts of China the concept of consumption of rural residents still remain in the traditional stages of the basic needs of urban families common air conditioning, water heaters, computers and appliances enjoyment and development type, income level is not high in terms of rural residents, but also is a luxury products. This restricts the use of solar water heaters, home appliances to the countryside policies in the rural market popularity and promotion.

The result of indifference to many rural areas of the solar business is facing tough choices. Forward, but also continue to invest sufficient human, material and financial resources for promotion, the face of unpredictable market, has nothing to support them continue to do so. Back, front appliances to the countryside for the efforts made will be in vain. Moving forward or backwards, has become a place at the biggest problem in front of these enterprises.

And those "riding a tiger" in the countryside enterprises, domestic enterprises have to take some of the brand of solar home appliances to the countryside policies in the rural market, "exploiting the boundary," quickly improve sales performance and brand awareness and achieved good results.

Faced with this contrast, industry experts say that the introduction of home appliances to the countryside policy for solar energy company to open a vast market. But the rural market and urban markets than in consumer income levels, use of environmental, services, conditions, and there are obvious disadvantages. Therefore, those who seek to rely on a simple home appliances to the countryside subsidies, profits in the rural market is very unrealistic idea of their own, which led them to the countryside, the emergence of severe agitated, and consumer subsidies on products not "buy it", eventually resulting dilemma for these companies.

To get results to give up short-sighted

Some front-line brands, many years ago, trying to enter the rural market, after a series of trials and failures, their consumption characteristics of rural markets and consumer trends have made more rational understanding, and in a few years ago began to focus on rural markets have made every effort and improvement.

At present, some large-scale backbone enterprises and some fast-growing solar energy solar energy enterprise, have established R & D centers and marketing service center, and the formation of Manufacturing - Sales - Marketing Services industry chain. In Tempe, Wong Ming to represent some of the companies have set up mechanization and automation of solar water heater production line, through technical innovation and scale of operation to raise the quality and cheap rural market challenges.

At the same time, they have a strategic emphasis on the rural market, preparing for the development of rural markets. Beijing Temple solar energy on a "new life, new energy, new countryside" as the strategic policy, vigorously explore and develop the rural market, improve the rural sales and service channels. Headquarters opened 24h telephone service, and launched the brand worry-free 365 service. At the same time put in service cars in the country districts to strengthen after-sales tracking, establishment of information networks.

Solar Temple, general manager Cheng Cuiying when talking about solar energy to rural areas that do make the rural market is the future of solar energy to rural areas will not be easy. The rural market with its own characteristics, solar energy companies only to give up short-sighted, seriously study the different regions of the rural consumer spending habits and consumption patterns and consumer demand for farmers, in product, technology, services, channels and other various levels of targeted improve and enhance in order to improve the rural consumer awareness of solar water heaters and satisfaction, to fully activate the rural market potential for solar water heaters, consumer, and then hold the next market.

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Solar Water Heater Business Torn Countryside

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