Steps To Making A Solar Oven - How to Build a DIY Homemade Solar Oven

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Steps To Making A Solar Oven

Making use of energy which is given off for free (imagine no cost no matter how much amount one can consume) is a good way to save money as well as to conserve the earth's resources.

Everyday man is bathed in this "free" solar energy and it is up to man to find the ways and means to develop technology to enhance this power for his own use and consumption. Building a solar oven is one of these methods, by using the sun's energy to cook the food set in the dining table, not only is this energy put into good use but food fit for human consumption is now set on the table to fulfill the desires of the stomach.

Building a diy homemade solar oven is easy, below are the enumeration of the steps on how to build a simple solar oven:

Preparation of Materials
These items are needed to build the solar oven, have all of them on the working area before starting work to aid in the fast flow of the job in hand. Steps To Making A Solar Oven

Cardboard (or use an old box)
Tape or Glue
Cutter or Knife
Black paint or construction paper
Paint Brush
Aluminum Foils

Making the reflector
Draw the number of reflector segments needed for the desired solar oven and cut it using a cutter or knife. Apply glue to one side surface of this cardboard, spread it evenly (use a paint brush to distribute the glue to the whole cardboard) and after a few minutes or once the glue has almost dried up attach the aluminum foil to the cardboard. It is better to cut the aluminum foil only after it has been connected to the board so that it can be assured that all points are covered.

Make sure that in placing the aluminum foil it is free from creases and not crumpled up. Using such will decrease the efficiency of the built reflector.

Oven proper
Make a box and cut a hole a few meters from the edge of the lid. Only three sides must be cut off, leave one side to be connected to make the flap. Flip the flap open and cover the hole with plastic. Open the box and insert the reflectors made, properly and carefully attach such for best results.

Pain the aluminum foil with black paint (or cover it with black construction paper to absorb the heat of the box. The heat absorption properties of the black paint together with the reflective ability of the aluminum foil will ensure the heating and cooking ability of the solar oven.

After making all the steps presented it is time to use the solar oven by bringing it over to a nice and sunny spot. Find the proper angle for the sun and reflector to come into contact and bring out the food. Steps To Making A Solar Oven

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Steps To Making A Solar Oven - How to Build a DIY Homemade Solar Oven

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Steps To Making A Solar Oven - How to Build a DIY Homemade Solar Oven

This article was published on 2010/10/04