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Solar water heater to the countryside tender final list of enterprises announced

Comments: April 24, the National

Solar water heaters

Opening ceremony of the countryside Product Schnbrunn Palace in Beijing was held. Solar water heaters twists and turns of "rural areas" through their concern. Meanwhile,



Water Heater


Gas Water Heater

The tendering exercise is underway. Whether business or the media, consumers, are all

Appliances to the countryside

Project Tender given great attention recently with the last round of bidding companies not to bid opening date of the next inquire into the writer, since losing the last tender, companies began to start for the next tender preparation and attention to bringing home appliances products at any time tender Notice. Although many companies and experts say the effect of home appliances to the countryside can not show up in the short term, but companies are reluctant to lose such an opportunity, no one wanted to miss this train ticket home appliances to the countryside.

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Solar water heater market is the "three strange"

Comments: solar water heater industry endorser flooding, endless hand-workshops; two types of enterprises struggled to become the three major industry-specific phenomenon. Cattle, name, articles, Chang North, Chen Hao Min, Wu Jing, are all brands of solar water heater industry spokesmen, to incomplete statistics, the number was spokesman for the company with a star do as many as 100. Home appliances to the countryside in the solar water heater tender scene, more than 100 small and medium enterprises account for the majority of mainstream business, but the whole industry more than 30. Two types of corporate infighting, including a professional business and home appliances solar solar companies compete in the market for home appliances to the countryside, in professional, brand, the two types have advantages.

The spirit of solar water heater industry needs to competing

Our use of solar water heater of stainless steel

Mo as "threatened villages," solar energy to rural areas calls for Brand Responsibility

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Cottage fiercer than a tiger solar water heater technology to innovation

Solar industry


Fake brand, brand is serious Pong, 2009 grow old appliances to the countryside, the reports have been found in that cottage products fish in troubled waters by the phenomenon of home appliances to the countryside there. Upcoming solar products to rural areas also can not dismiss this, brands need to focus on technological innovation, widening the product range with the cottage, so that high quality products to the countryside, against the cottage.

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Post-crisis era reborn brand OEM appliance business

Comment: China's household electrical appliance enterprises, 90% are doing OEM, through the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Bohai Bay three major home appliance industry, manufacturing bases, and established China as the world's household electrical appliance industry, manufacturing center. However


Since the crisis hit, OEM's fate be? For OEM manufacturers, in addition to financing, the most effective way to create brand, self-built channels. Shape the brand to become the first "awakening" the choice of enterprise, self-subversion, creating brand rebirth. Network, brand lease purchase, own brand, different companies chose a different path, however, brand can not be done overnight, many years accumulation of OEM production line, operating mode, the team overnight into a brand


Model, it will be a painful process.

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Standard Lack of hype machine detoxification detoxification hanging fruit!

Comments: ozone does have bactericidal properties, for many bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi and protozoa, oocysts are obvious inactivation, sterilization, and faster. Experts said there are certain effects of ozone on sterilization, but does not rule out the hype. On the market in the hands of the fruit and vegetable disinfecting machine, in addition to degradation of pesticides, the even further with "saving detergent, skin care and cosmetics," and so on. In the absence of corresponding technical specifications, industry standards. In this case, some products can not meet the sterilization requirements of detoxification, it will harm the consumer body.
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User Concerns Small Appliances Week Article (09.4.27-5.3) - Solar Countryside, Solar Tender - Hc

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User Concerns Small Appliances Week Article (09.4.27-5.3) - Solar Countryside, Solar Tender - Hc

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